We are a school sponsored club with a focus is on Information Technology.  The club is open to boys and girls in grades 6 through 8. 

Fifth grade boys and girls may join during the third trimester of the school year. 

New members will be accepted anytime throughout the school year as long as resources are available to support those members.

The focus of the club is Information Technology.  The major activity will be learning to program.  Members will have two options: 1) Create Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads using the XCode integrated development environment or program apps that can be compiled for Mac or Windows using Snap 3.1.1 - and upgraded version of Scratch.   Other activities could include field trips, guest speakers, and other Information Technology related activities as determined by the student officers, supported by the club committee, and approved by the advisors and school administration.
Regular Meetings:

Day & Time:
Multiple sessions are generally available.  Students need to select one to attend based on available space.  Each session will be limited to 16 students.

Typical sessions include:

  • 7:00am to 7:55am on Tuesday mornings on days when school is in session.
  • 7:00am to 7:55am on Wednesday mornings on days when school is in session.
  • 7:00am to 7:55am on Thursday mornings on days when school is in session.
Place: Cape Elizabeth Middle School Computer Lab

Cost: There is no cost to join the club.  There may be fees required for some activities to pay for food, transportation, and entry fees, etc.


Committee Members


A committee of three or more adults will oversee and support the activities of the club.  Committee members may be school system employees or parents who are trained and approved as Cape Elizabeth School Department volunteers.  One member will be designated as the committee chair.
Committee meetings will be called by the committee chair only as needed.
Duties of the committee will include but are not limited to:
• Supports Advisors in carrying out the program
• Approval of special activities of the club proposed by the student officers.
• Verify that club meetings are of value and are conducted in a safe manner.
• Committee members will be encouraged to visit club meetings.
• Support the advisors by coordinating the follow for special activities as needed:
o Transportation
o Fund raising
o Providing additional chaperones



Dean B. Zaharis - Advisor
Andrea Fuller - Associate Advisor

Advisors & Chaperones:
Two adult will be required at all functions and meetings for the first 16 members and one addition adult will be required for the next 1 to 10 students.  One adult must be a school system employee. The other adults may be school system employees, trained and approved Cape Elizabeth School Department volunteers (usually parents), or high school students at least 18 years of age.

The Code Club advisors shall be responsible for: 

  • Providing direct adult leadership and training for the Club Members
  • Ensuring two-deep leadership is always pesent at Club activities
  • Supervising the performance and conduct of Club Members
  • Maintaining Club Records 
  • Guiding students who are the Code Club Elected Officers in conducting routine operations, and the preparing proposed club programs for approval by the Code Club Committee. 
Advisor Assistants:
High school students with a coding background may serve as Advisor Assistants.  Their function will be to assist members in trouble-shooting and debugging their Apps.


Student Officers:
The elected student officers will include: President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer.  Elections will be held during the second meeting in October.  At least one student officers’ meeting will be held during the months of October, December, February, and April at a time to be announced.  Additional meetings will be held as needed.

Current Officers:
President: TBA
Vice President: TBA
Secretary/Treasurer: TBA

By: Dean B. Zaharis
Last Update: November 14, 2017